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More on Robert S. Taylor Paper

Additional research about Robert Taylor:

Blurb from Library Journal, December 1984, Vol.109, Issue 20, page 220 "Former Dean Robert Taylor recruited Klaus Barbie." Reports that in October 17th issue of the Syracuse Post Standard, the lead story was "Ex-SU Dean Recruited Klaus Barbie as U.S. Agent." Comments that Robert Taylor said he didn't know of Barbie's past when he recommended him in 1947.

Ryan, Allan A. Jr. Klaus Barbie and the United States Government, The Report, with Documentary Appendix, to the Attorney General of the United States. Frederick, MD: University Publications of America, Inc., 1983.

General information from Ryan text:
Robert Taylor was part of the 66th Counter Intelligence Corps under European Command (EUCOM) stationed in Region IV (headquarters in Munich) in Memmingen. Since April 1946 Kurt Merk had been working for Taylor. On April 10, 1947, Merk told Taylor about Barbie. Taylor knew that Barbie was wanted in Operation Selection Board. Taylor did not notify Headquarters about Barbie. Checked with superior Lt. Col. Dale Garvey, Commanding Officer of Region IV. On April 14-15 decision made by Taylor and Garvey to use Barbie as an informant.

Taylor met with Barbie on or about April 18, 1947 and deal was made. Barbie impressed Taylor as "an honest man, both intellectually and personally, absolutely without nerves or fear. He is strongly anti-Communist and a Nazi idealist who believes that he and his beliefs were betrayed by the Nazis in power" (p.13). Barbie reported on French intelligence operations in U.S. zone of Germany, on activities of Romanian ethnic Germans, and on Soviet activities in U.S. zone. Use of Barbie not known to headquarters until two months later.

On May 22, 1947, Captain Frazier at CIC HQ asked for clarification of certain matters. Taylor for first time reported to CIC HQ that information came from Barbie not Merk. Taylor acknowledged that Barbie was to be arrested in Operation Selection Board, but requested he be allowed to retain freedom. Region IV forwarded Taylor's report to CIC HQ on June 3, 1947 recommending Barbie be used as an asset. Appears as if request was ignored.

Taylor placed increasing reliance on Merk and Barbie. By summer of 1947, Merk had web of 48 to 52 informants in Germany and Eastern Europe. (all previous from page 13).

Web known as "Buro Petersen." (page 14).

Agent Hahdu took over for Taylor in the spring of 1948 (page 18).

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