Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Creating My Eportfolio

I finally got around to getting a web site started for my online portfolio. All students are required to submit a portfolio in order to graduate. From a document created by Prof. James Kusack (from SCSU), the portfolio should include:

  • Student's Special Project
  • A description of major landmarks in one's MLS studies
  • Examples of significant course projects
  • Organizational material/navigational aids
  • A serviceable resume

The Special Projct is a research paper or report of a project in which the student demonstrates knowledge and skills gained in the graduate program. The Special Project must include:

  • Identification of 5-9 key concepts and skills gained over the course of one's planned study and an explanation of how they apply to the project
  • Identification of the course's in the student's planned study the contributed to the knowledge set
  • Discussion of how the knowledge and skill set was applied to the project
  • Documentation of the project
  • Where appropriate, supporting assement documents should be included

I'm hoping that if I keep all of my work organized from the beginning, finding information pertinent to my special project will be much easier - and less stressful later on. Admittedly, it is hard to think about finishing my degree when I am much closer to the beginning than the end. However, I plan to give it my best shot!!!

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