Thursday, June 22, 2006

Homework is Going Well

I have been faithfully spending time every day working on homework - and this is definitely a necessity with cataloging! I have started work on the assignment that we have due on Monday evening - an assignment to catalog 5 different books with full descriptive cataloging. So far, AACR2 rules for title statements (245), edition statement (250 - this one is way easy), publishing information (260), and physical description (300) are perfectly clear. Well, admittedly, sometimes the title statement can get tricky - especially with translated works, works attributed to material by others, etc. The 4XX and 5XX fields are becoming a bit clearer. Obviously, they are still complicated for items with many notes or bizarro series titles - but, I'm getting the hang of it. I haven't been working that long with main and added entries. As such, I need more time exploring how to create these. However, I'm feeling as if I have a good basis for the upcoming assigment. And that is a relief. Four days ago, I was getting nervous because I was still very confused. Anyway, my head is filled with visions of MARC fields - and I think that means I'm done for the night!

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