Wednesday, May 31, 2006

IT Klingon-Speak

One of my favorite recent posts about the divide between IT staff and non-techies is this post from A Wandering Eyre (I forgot to mention it in yesterday’s post about techies vs non-techies). Jane’s comment that “one group starts speaking Klingon and everything goes all to hell” made me laugh so hard. Sometimes it really does seem that way. I am more often on the side of the tech support staff than the user. But even so, I am often so astounded at how quickly dialog can totally break down. I think this is so typical of interactions between IT and users. There needs to be greater understanding on both sides of this divide and some common ground.

As for the whole “have you tried rebooting” question. It certainly is frustrating. Even when I have to call tech support from one of our many vendors, this is always the first question - despite the fact that the number I am calling is supposed to be for 2nd or 3rd tier support. I think this is just related to fact that quite often, 6 or 7 reboots will make one’s computer happier. Just keep shutting the sucker off and on until it works!!

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