Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Summer Class Did Start Yesterday

My summer class - ILS506 Information Analysis and Organization - began yesterday. I was able to successfully log in, get the syllabus and read the unit 1 lecture notes. For assignments this week, we are required to email the professor to let him know that we were able to log into the class, post an introduction to the class discussion and read several items. This week's readings are Understanding MARC, the Preface to Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (2002 edition), the AARC table of contents, AARC general rules for description, chapter 1 and chapter 2 of AARC, chapter 1 from Lois Chan's Cataloging and Classification: An Introduction (2nd edition, 1994) and the introduction, p. ix-xiv, and p.3-9 from Jerry Saye's Manheimer's Cataloging and Classification (4th edition, 2000).

So far everything seems to be going fine. My biggest problem is that my copy of the Manheimer text has not arrived yet. I ordered it on May 17th - which was right after I registered for the class. Unfortunately, it did not ship until May27th - and I am now waiting not-so-patiently for it to arrive. Hopefully, I will see it by early next week. Yet again, getting textbooks is definitely the most stressful part of being in a distance education program. ARGH!!!!!

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