Monday, May 22, 2006

What do I need in my blog?

Over the past several months, I have gotten fairly comfortable with all of the features that Blogger has to offer. I've been pretty happy with its capabilities. However, one thing that I think is extremely important is the ability to categorize blog posts. I think this becomes especially important as the number of posts grows. How do you find earlier posts efficiently? Additionally, since I want to use this blog to document my coursework, I need a way to point my professors to all of the posts about a specific class, project, etc. I doubt professors want to wade through my blog posts to find relevant posts that document/annotate my class work.

Because this category feature is necessary to me, I decided to create a new blog using WordPress. I've spent the past week or so migrating all of my blog posts to the new blog, categorizing my posts and playing around with the capabilities that WordPress has to offer. For now, I plan to maintain both blogs. Part of the reason that I created this blog was to learn about blogging. As such, I'm interested in watching both blogs - seeing how they are the same, how they are different, etc. Again, doing is the best way to become familiar with new technologies and their capabilities. Admittedly, this is probably a lot of work - and I will probably grow tired of it eventually.

Link: Life as I Know It via WordPress

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