Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Summer Class Gets Cancelled

I received a phone call yesterday afternoon that the summer class I had registered for (ILS656 - Information Architecture) had been cancelled due to low enrollment. Wicked bummer!! I was so looking forward to this class. I knew that this was likely to happen given that there were only 4 students listed as enrolled, but am still bummed out. I am also a little annoyed because I already bought the book. I do plan to take the class as soon as it is offered again - and hopefully the book will be the same. Hope springs eternal!!!

Anyway, I was glad that I got a phone call before the class was removed from the school's online system. This way I was able to drop the cancelled class and add another one. Fortunately, the school added a section of ILS506 - Information Analysis and Organization. I guess it will be good to take the last of the 4 required core courses. Now, I have to go find the books for this class and get them as soon as possible.

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